29 Nov 2013

Digging up scientific data to better design Regen Nitrogen

Every week, we release a story directly told by those who are at the very heart of the creation of ReGen Nitrogen. This week, we begin with Sonia who tells us about all the research she is leading at ReGen to make Regen: Nitrogen the most efficient nitrogen tool available on the market. 

Sonia has a background in environmental science with a keen interest in soil management. She graduated with an honours degree in Environmental Science from Lincoln University in 2000. The last eight years of her career has been spent in the field of greenhouse gas reporting. She wanted to get back into soil science so she’s delighted to be given the opportunity to work for ReGen in an area of science she is passionate about.

Three Kiwis win our great prize!!

Congratulations to Ben, Sharon and their three little Kiwis who won the CoCreative Lab’s photo contest with this adorable one :

Three very nice Kiwis!!!

ReGen Team thanks Ben and Sharon for having sent us this photo. They will soon receive a $50 Kathmandu gift card. 

ReGen Team


27 Nov 2013

Photo Contest: Ben and Sharon's photo

Here is the first photo we have received for the Photo Contest we launched last Friday. It comes from Ben and Sharon (JV Farm Ltd., Northland). Thank you Ben and Sharon. It is so cute, we love it!!

A cutty little kiwi bird at home

It is not too late. If you also want to see your photo on the blog and be into win our gift card, there is nothing easiest. Send us a photo of your business (with your details) by clicking here.

Hurry up, it ends tonight!!!


Collaborating with farmers in the field

Regen meets with Greg Maughan (Marton-Manawatu farm)

Why should farmers team up with Regen and be active in the development of their new product ? How useful can it be to link farmers in the field with the farming online community ? And most importantly, how, by collaborating with Regen, farmers can really make a difference in farming ? These are some of the questions that we talk about in the piece on our meeting with Greg Maughan, a farmer in the Manawatu.

21 Nov 2013

Take a pic and be into win a $50 gift card

We don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but the first thing we do when we get a new space (a house or an office, for instance) is to stick posters and pics on the walls. So it becomes our place. CoCreative Lab is your space, but we think it is now time to make it into your home.

This why we launch a photo contest. All you have to do is to take and send us a picture of your business. Then you'll be into win a $50 Kathmandu gift card. 

Regen: CoCreation Lab to make farming always more efficient

At Regen Ltd., we believe that customer knowledge is a company’s best asset. Co-creation, by interlocking knowledge with processes in an overall co-creation framework, is a rich combination of knowledge and group decision-making. 

At Regen Ltd., we also believe in innovation and people, this is why we are so enthusiastic about launching our CoCreative Lab, a communication platform that comes along with the creation of our next service, Regen: Nitrogen