12 Dec 2014

It’s what’s happening under the grass we really want to know

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago at the Tauhara Moana farm field-day. Mark Johnston, the farm supervisor, is contemplating the pasture residual while explaining to the assembled group of farmers how having the Regen system has meant they fully understood the farm’s soil moisture deficit and so have already added some silage in to extend the rotation, knowing that pasture growth rates would be falling.

28 Nov 2014

Ministry of Awesome and Weta wow factor

Richard Taylor
Who wouldn’t want to be part of the Ministry of Awesome?  And what does it take to motivate people to work without a day off for 7 months straight? 
During the week I was lucky enough to hear Sir Richard Taylor, of Weta Workshop, and Sam Johnson, from the Student Army, talk.  Very different people but it struck me they had two things in common; humble leadership and no fear of failure.  These two attributes have enabled them each to achieve amazing feats.

21 Nov 2014

Will Christmas come early?

It’s that time of year when we adults start counting the days until Christmas thinking about how much we still want to get done.  And children start counting the days in eager anticipation of holidays and festivities (which they hope will include some presents).  Earlier this week on my way into the office I was stopped by the sight of a man in a red suit up on the roof of a house, close to the chimney!  But it wasn’t an early Christmas (and I hadn’t miscounted the days left) – but a roofer with a good sense of humour!

14 Nov 2014

Building the Regen team

Here at Regen we are a team who are passionate about creating intuitive easy-to-use decision support tools for farmers. We come from a diversity of places and backgrounds. This week we introduce another member of our team, Amita Paranjpe, who joined us as computer software developer two months ago.

7 Nov 2014

How great is Southland?

Nearly 20 years ago young man called Wayne, along with his family, made the long trek from Waikato down to Southland. His goal was to get a bigger share-milking job to build enough equity so he could return to the Waikato and buy his own 300 cow farm. Fast forward those 20 years and Wayne Carpenter now owns several farms in Southland and is milking 2,000 cows. And according to Wayne, it’s “Not a bad place to live.”

31 Oct 2014

Introducing ReGen Water

View of ReGen Water mobile app
Last month on the blog we discussed the factors to keep an eye on when deciding whether to irrigate or not. This week on the blog we introduce our latest service, ReGen Water, designed to give you confidence about when to irrigate and when to hold off irrigating where there is enough moisture in your soil.

24 Oct 2014

Managing freshwater: from simple slogans to seriously informed decision-making

This week we invited James Palmer, Deputy Secretary for Sector Strategy at the Ministry for the Environment to share his thoughts on where freshwater management in New Zealand is heading.

17 Oct 2014

What’s the go with infographics?

Did you know that infographics can be traced back to 1626 when a book was published on the rotation of the sun?  

10 Oct 2014

Go the Mighty Stags – can one game make a season?

The short answer is yes!  If the Stags win tomorrow against Hawkes Bay in the ITM cup, not only will they secure 4th place and a quarter final in the second tier, but they will hold the Ranfurly Shield for the remainder of the season and the off-season. So tomorrow’s game will be defining in lots of ways.

3 Oct 2014

Can an app make you ‘appy?

The FitBit app
Mobile apps abound – anything you can think of there is an app for it seems.  Some of them are really handy – like banking and weather apps – and some are just fun.

26 Sep 2014

Spring irrigation: do I, don’t I?

Spring can be a tricky season to decide when to start irrigating. Some parts of the country are already getting dry and you may be thinking about or have already turned on your irrigators. Too early and you risk putting on too much water causing drainage, losing nutrients, and keeping soil temp down. Leave it too late and the grass may get into moisture stress causing reduced pasture growth rates.

19 Sep 2014

A window into Overseer

As interest in water quality and nutrient management has increased in recent years, so too has the use of Overseer, a nutrient budgeting tool owned and supported by the fertiliser industry, government (Ministry of Primary Industries) and AgResearch Limited. Caroline Read was appointed the General Manager for Overseer in November last year.  We had a chat to Caroline this week to find out a little bit more about the increasingly important role of Overseer in New Zealand’s land and water management and the challenges for the future.

12 Sep 2014

Making every dollar count - using ReGen N in the Manawatu

“I’d started thinking about using some urea and then thought I had better download the Regen app.”  Good thinking Greg.  This is a direct quote from 
Greg Maughan, Manawatu dairy farmer, mentor for young people in the industry and DairyNZ Director candidate.

5 Sep 2014

What we did to get here won't be what we need to do to get there...

‘There’ being profitable, sustainable dairy farming.

Nitrogen is a wonderful growth multiplier but it can’t work if the grass is not growing. Understanding the factors that limit a good N response mean you have more control on nitrogen use, allowing you to delay or reschedule an application to a more suitable time. By taking these factors into account you will not only get more grass for every $ spent on N fert, but you will also avoid wastage and reduce your impact on the environment.

29 Aug 2014

“Date-a” or “Dart-a”? Whichever - there’s a lot of it about!

The next seismic shift in how computing and the internet will affect our lives is upon us - the "big data" revolution. With the advent of mobile communication, the internet and scientific technology there are now massive amounts of data being produced every second around the world. The very act of you clicking through to read this blog post has generated several pieces of data about you and how you behave.  So should we be worried, or is there real benefit in all this data?

22 Aug 2014

Rain, snow and more rain - Spring in Southland

This week on the blog we profile one of our Southland customers, Rex & Roslynne Kane and find out how Regen Effluent is helping them manage their dairy effluent during a very soggy Southland spring.

Rex & Roslynne Kane have been sharemilking and in farm ownership in Southland for the past 13 years. They have two properties near Winton; Browns with 480 cows and South Hillend with 450 cows.

15 Aug 2014

“Technology doesn’t change the world. People do.”

This week our CEO, Bridgit Hawkins, shares some of her experiences at the recent third New Zealand Primary Sector Bootcamp at Stanford University.   

8 Aug 2014

Tauhara Moana - farming beside a sulphur lake

This week on the blog we have a chat with one of our central North Island customers, Gary Nant, about the challenges of farming next to Lake Rotokawa, and how the ReGen Effluent service helps him more effectively manage his effluent on a daily basis.

1 Aug 2014

How wet is too wet?

I grew up on the Central Plateau where mud was a rare occurrence – maybe after a lot of rain in a gateway that was used a lot it would get muddy – but not out in the paddocks. I still remember as a seventh former (Year 13 for younger readers) going to an Open Day at Massey University in the winter and taking a short cut across the grass. Immediately sunk to my ankles in horrible clay squelchy mud! That was my first lesson that what a soil can handle is not only about how much rain there has been, but what the soil itself is like.

25 Jul 2014

How ReGen N helps you ride the weather roller coaster

After one of the warmest June’s on record the temperatures are dropping, the southerlies blowing in and snow falls around the country - we know we are definitely in winter! This means of course that spring is just around the corner and calving will be underway. So when is the best time to start nitrogen fertiliser to boost grass growth?

18 Jul 2014

Now for some good news

This week Bridgit discusses the need for more positive stories about farming to make it into the mainstream media and shares some of the good news stories that are starting to emerge.

Dirty dairying…… over-allocation……why can’t we swim in rivers…… excessive nitrate levels…. The catch-cry’s are all too familiar and are often the headline on a news story about the dairy industry.

11 Jul 2014

Infographics - a different way to engage

Here at Regen we’re big fans of combining visuals with written content. Whether it be graphs in your monthly Regen reports, or photo slideshows about our trips on the blog, visuals help to make content engaging and easier to digest. This week on the blog we thought we would take you into the world of infographics.

Source: Kim Anderson

4 Jul 2014

DairyNZ in lycra – a new corporate look?

Stadium Southland
This week our CEO, Bridgit Hawkins, reflects on what caught her interest at the recent SIDE (South Island Dairy Event) conference in Invercargill.

27 Jun 2014

Introducing Bindu Ojha - the newest member of the Regen team

Bindu Ojha joined the Regen team earlier this month. It is great to have him on board to help Florent and Minh on the development side as we continue work on the irrigation water service. We thought we would find out a bit more about Bindu’s background to share with with you on the blog this week...

20 Jun 2014

Regen services helping to increase farm productivity in the Northern Waikato

This week we chat with one of our Waikato customers, Tony Walters, about how he is increasing productivity on his farm by better utilising his resources and how Regen services are helping him in achieving his goals.

13 Jun 2014

The other side on Mystery Creek field-days

This week the Regen team has been up in Hamilton at Mystery Creek field-days.  As well as talking with farmers about Regen and meeting with lots of our partners, we all take a break from the stand and go out exploring to see what else is happening at Field-days.  Watch the slideshow to see a snapshot of what caught our eye!

30 May 2014

Introducing a new face to the Regen team - Pam Ward

With winter making its presence felt over the country in the past week it probably seems a bit strange to be mentioning the need for irrigation but here at Regen we are beginning work on a new service for water irrigation. The new service will be based on similar concepts to our existing effluent management service. In these early stages of development having a designer involved to be able to visualise concepts we have scribbled on sticky notes and on the whiteboard is really important. With Kim busy with her studies we are delighted to welcome Pam Ward to the team.

23 May 2014

Sticky notes, coffee and computers - opening the window on software development at Regen

Have you every wondered how an app like Regen Nitrogen is created? This week we thought we would take you behind the scenes at Regen to show you how our services gets developed, from the initial ideas on sticky notes to an app on your phone.

16 May 2014

Handsome Northland farmer wanting to connect with 38 yr old Remuera housewife...

This week our CEO, Bridgit Hawkins, has a chat with one of Regen's first customers, Ben Smith, about how his enterprising projects are a win-win for his farming operations, the local economy and the environment.

23 Apr 2014

2013/14 summer interns at Regen - an interview with Kim and Lachlan


Lachlan and Kim joined us in November last year as summer interns and have been heavily involved in the development of ReGen Nitrogen. Lachlan is studying a Conjoint Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Art from Victoria University and Kim is completing her Graduate Diploma in Design from Massey University. We have certainly benefited from their skills and enthusiasm; so we had a chat with Kim and Lachlan to find out how they have found working with us....

14 Apr 2014

Lynda, Mac & Mark Pacey – dairy farmers in Rerewhakaaitu

Lake Rerewhakaaitu
This week our CEO, Bridgit Hawkins, reflects on her recent visit to one of Regen's customers, the Pacey family, who farm on the edge of Lake Rerewhakaaitu.

8 Apr 2014

The ReGen Nitrogen journey - an interview with Bridgit

It has been a long and interesting journey since ReGen’s CEO, Bridgit Hawkins, took the decision to produce a new application, ReGen Nitrogen. Developing an application is always an adventure, you never really know how it is going to end. However it is also a well thought out and planned process. So it was with a mix of satisfaction and relief when the application was successfully launched in February. We had a chat with Bridgit to find out more about this journey from her perspective.

31 Mar 2014

Time for inspiration - the 2014 Dairy Women’s Network conference

Some creative masks at the Dairy Women's Network conference! 

This week our CEO, Bridgit Hawkins, talks about being inspired and refreshed from attending the Dairy Women's Network annual conference.

21 Mar 2014

ReGen Nitrogen, result of our conversations with farmers

Last week we introduced some of the key features of ReGen Nitrogen. This week we discuss some of the future developments we have planned for ReGen Nitrogen following some valuable feedback from some of our customers in Southland.

14 Mar 2014

ReGen Nitrogen's secrets unveiled

The calculator and results page
Now that ReGen Nitrogen is released, you may be curious about its design and use. So this week we thought we would share some of ReGen Nitrogen’s key features and how it can make decision making for nitrogen use on your farm easier.

7 Mar 2014

Management, technology and farming for tomorrow

Sonia & Bridgit at FLRC

Two weeks ago Bridgit and Sonia attended the annual Fertiliser and Lime Research Centre conference held at Massey University in Palmerston North. Nutrient management was the central theme with a particular focus on how nutrient management on farms links to the wider catchment and community. 

28 Feb 2014

A visit to Waimumu - Bridgit Hawkins

Today our CEO Bridgit Hawkins talks about attending the Waimumu Field Days earlier this month where Regen Ltd. launched our new nitrogen management service, ReGen Nitrogen.

21 Feb 2014

Waimumu Field Days Slideshow

Last week the team attended the Waimumu Field Days to hold the World Premiere of ReGen Nitrogen - our brand new nitrogen management service. With the help of the Southland Stags, we dished up some great breakfasts for punters and had an awesome time seeing some old faces and making new contacts. Here is a selection of photos detailing our time at Waimumu.


20 Feb 2014

OneClickSurvey Week 2 response: Factors to consider when applying nitrogen

In our second OneClickSurvey we asked you about when you apply nitrogen and why. Usually it is to fill a feed deficit, either from an immediate need or a predicted one. Environmental factors play a key role in how pasture will respond to nitrogen and in this post we share information on the factors to consider in order to get the optimum response of dry matter to nitrogen.

14 Feb 2014

Regen, service delivery par excellence

This week we continue with our short stories told by those who are at the very heart of ReGen. In this post Florent, ReGen’s team leader, tells us about service delivery and the challenges of keeping an application online 24/7, year after year.

Florent has a background in computer networks and distributed systems, and has a Masters Degree in Computer Sciences. He has been involved with ReGen since its inception roughly 6 years ago and has played a core role in 'making it happen' at each stage of the project.

7 Feb 2014

OneClickSurvey - response to week one: most common form of N fertiliser used

In our first OneClickSurvey we asked you what form of nitrogen fertiliser you use on your farms. Like all of our surveys we’re keen on getting as much first hand information from the people who matter - people like you. Now although our first survey did not go quite as planned (we later discovered that the survey widget we used was not counting every vote entered) we did manage to confirm this through other means, and have found some information that may prove useful or interesting to you. 

5 Feb 2014

OneClickSurvey No.2

The Regen OneClickSurvey is our way of gathering first-hand information from those who are in the know in the farming community. Every two weeks we post a short survey asking a specific question about nitrogen use. Following this survey we publish a post relating to that question, based on your responses and our own research. So click and help keep us in the know!

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.


31 Jan 2014

First look at ReGen Nitrogen for farmers

Meeting with Kathy Craw (Marton-Manawatu farm)

ReGen Nitrogen is ready to be released and tested by you all. But while most of the initial work has been completed, we still have some questions, the answers to which will make the app an even better tool for farmers. Here are some of the questions we have in mind: 
  • Is this product we are developing intuitive and easy to use? 
  • Is all of the information to make an informed decision about nitrogen management readily available and understandable? 
  • What features are missing? 
The best way to get answers to these questions is to address them directly to farmers. So, last week we got on the road and went to visit Kathy Craw, a farmer in the Manawatu.

17 Jan 2014

OneClickSurvey - Forms of nitrogen fertiliser

OneClickSurvey is CoCreative Lab's new feature. Every week we will post a question about your use of nitrogen or more generally about New Zealand dairy farming. The following week we will release the results of the survey and share observations and comments we have found on the topic. Of course, you are very welcome to comment on our posts as well.

Now let's kick off...

Please check out our first OneClickSurvey on the right-hand side about what forms of nitrogen fertiliser you use.

In the process of answering this survey, we'd also appreciate if you could comment with what region you reside in. This would be helpful in finding out more about our users.


ReGen wishes you all a happy new year!!!

As another exciting and busy year begins, Regen’s team want to wish you all a happy new year and all the best for 2014. We hope this year will be a happy and productive one for you, your family and business. 

The beginning of the year is a good chance to share our goals for 2014. At ReGen we want to contribute to your success by creating innovative farm decision-making support tools that enable your business to flourish.

2014 is shaping up to be a big year for Regen. Our team is back to work and busy finishing off our next great application, ReGen Nitrogen. The ReGen Nitrogen application is designed to help you get the most out of your nitrogen fertiliser use. We expect ReGen Nitrogen to be released in February but, before this we still have a lot to do and to share. 

So don’t forget to regularly pay us a visit on CoCreative Lab to know what’s going on and share your ideas. 

However, it will not all be about ReGen Nitrogen this year. At ReGen we have a lot of ideas for more innovative support tools in mind, and are working on making these come to fruition in 2014. We are committed to supporting innovative sustainable farming in New Zealand and our wish for 2014 is that our collaboration with you will enable this to happen!