23 Apr 2014

2013/14 summer interns at Regen - an interview with Kim and Lachlan


Lachlan and Kim joined us in November last year as summer interns and have been heavily involved in the development of ReGen Nitrogen. Lachlan is studying a Conjoint Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Art from Victoria University and Kim is completing her Graduate Diploma in Design from Massey University. We have certainly benefited from their skills and enthusiasm; so we had a chat with Kim and Lachlan to find out how they have found working with us....

14 Apr 2014

Lynda, Mac & Mark Pacey – dairy farmers in Rerewhakaaitu

Lake Rerewhakaaitu
This week our CEO, Bridgit Hawkins, reflects on her recent visit to one of Regen's customers, the Pacey family, who farm on the edge of Lake Rerewhakaaitu.

8 Apr 2014

The ReGen Nitrogen journey - an interview with Bridgit

It has been a long and interesting journey since ReGen’s CEO, Bridgit Hawkins, took the decision to produce a new application, ReGen Nitrogen. Developing an application is always an adventure, you never really know how it is going to end. However it is also a well thought out and planned process. So it was with a mix of satisfaction and relief when the application was successfully launched in February. We had a chat with Bridgit to find out more about this journey from her perspective.