30 May 2014

Introducing a new face to the Regen team - Pam Ward

With winter making its presence felt over the country in the past week it probably seems a bit strange to be mentioning the need for irrigation but here at Regen we are beginning work on a new service for water irrigation. The new service will be based on similar concepts to our existing effluent management service. In these early stages of development having a designer involved to be able to visualise concepts we have scribbled on sticky notes and on the whiteboard is really important. With Kim busy with her studies we are delighted to welcome Pam Ward to the team.

23 May 2014

Sticky notes, coffee and computers - opening the window on software development at Regen

Have you every wondered how an app like Regen Nitrogen is created? This week we thought we would take you behind the scenes at Regen to show you how our services gets developed, from the initial ideas on sticky notes to an app on your phone.

16 May 2014

Handsome Northland farmer wanting to connect with 38 yr old Remuera housewife...

This week our CEO, Bridgit Hawkins, has a chat with one of Regen's first customers, Ben Smith, about how his enterprising projects are a win-win for his farming operations, the local economy and the environment.