27 Jun 2014

Introducing Bindu Ojha - the newest member of the Regen team

Bindu Ojha joined the Regen team earlier this month. It is great to have him on board to help Florent and Minh on the development side as we continue work on the irrigation water service. We thought we would find out a bit more about Bindu’s background to share with with you on the blog this week...

20 Jun 2014

Regen services helping to increase farm productivity in the Northern Waikato

This week we chat with one of our Waikato customers, Tony Walters, about how he is increasing productivity on his farm by better utilising his resources and how Regen services are helping him in achieving his goals.

13 Jun 2014

The other side on Mystery Creek field-days

This week the Regen team has been up in Hamilton at Mystery Creek field-days.  As well as talking with farmers about Regen and meeting with lots of our partners, we all take a break from the stand and go out exploring to see what else is happening at Field-days.  Watch the slideshow to see a snapshot of what caught our eye!