25 Jul 2014

How ReGen N helps you ride the weather roller coaster

After one of the warmest June’s on record the temperatures are dropping, the southerlies blowing in and snow falls around the country - we know we are definitely in winter! This means of course that spring is just around the corner and calving will be underway. So when is the best time to start nitrogen fertiliser to boost grass growth?

18 Jul 2014

Now for some good news

This week Bridgit discusses the need for more positive stories about farming to make it into the mainstream media and shares some of the good news stories that are starting to emerge.

Dirty dairying…… over-allocation……why can’t we swim in rivers…… excessive nitrate levels…. The catch-cry’s are all too familiar and are often the headline on a news story about the dairy industry.

11 Jul 2014

Infographics - a different way to engage

Here at Regen we’re big fans of combining visuals with written content. Whether it be graphs in your monthly Regen reports, or photo slideshows about our trips on the blog, visuals help to make content engaging and easier to digest. This week on the blog we thought we would take you into the world of infographics.

Source: Kim Anderson

4 Jul 2014

DairyNZ in lycra – a new corporate look?

Stadium Southland
This week our CEO, Bridgit Hawkins, reflects on what caught her interest at the recent SIDE (South Island Dairy Event) conference in Invercargill.