26 Sep 2014

Spring irrigation: do I, don’t I?

Spring can be a tricky season to decide when to start irrigating. Some parts of the country are already getting dry and you may be thinking about or have already turned on your irrigators. Too early and you risk putting on too much water causing drainage, losing nutrients, and keeping soil temp down. Leave it too late and the grass may get into moisture stress causing reduced pasture growth rates.

19 Sep 2014

A window into Overseer

As interest in water quality and nutrient management has increased in recent years, so too has the use of Overseer, a nutrient budgeting tool owned and supported by the fertiliser industry, government (Ministry of Primary Industries) and AgResearch Limited. Caroline Read was appointed the General Manager for Overseer in November last year.  We had a chat to Caroline this week to find out a little bit more about the increasingly important role of Overseer in New Zealand’s land and water management and the challenges for the future.

12 Sep 2014

Making every dollar count - using ReGen N in the Manawatu

“I’d started thinking about using some urea and then thought I had better download the Regen app.”  Good thinking Greg.  This is a direct quote from 
Greg Maughan, Manawatu dairy farmer, mentor for young people in the industry and DairyNZ Director candidate.

5 Sep 2014

What we did to get here won't be what we need to do to get there...

‘There’ being profitable, sustainable dairy farming.

Nitrogen is a wonderful growth multiplier but it can’t work if the grass is not growing. Understanding the factors that limit a good N response mean you have more control on nitrogen use, allowing you to delay or reschedule an application to a more suitable time. By taking these factors into account you will not only get more grass for every $ spent on N fert, but you will also avoid wastage and reduce your impact on the environment.