31 Oct 2014

Introducing ReGen Water

View of ReGen Water mobile app
Last month on the blog we discussed the factors to keep an eye on when deciding whether to irrigate or not. This week on the blog we introduce our latest service, ReGen Water, designed to give you confidence about when to irrigate and when to hold off irrigating where there is enough moisture in your soil.

24 Oct 2014

Managing freshwater: from simple slogans to seriously informed decision-making

This week we invited James Palmer, Deputy Secretary for Sector Strategy at the Ministry for the Environment to share his thoughts on where freshwater management in New Zealand is heading.

17 Oct 2014

What’s the go with infographics?

Did you know that infographics can be traced back to 1626 when a book was published on the rotation of the sun?  

10 Oct 2014

Go the Mighty Stags – can one game make a season?

The short answer is yes!  If the Stags win tomorrow against Hawkes Bay in the ITM cup, not only will they secure 4th place and a quarter final in the second tier, but they will hold the Ranfurly Shield for the remainder of the season and the off-season. So tomorrow’s game will be defining in lots of ways.

3 Oct 2014

Can an app make you ‘appy?

The FitBit app
Mobile apps abound – anything you can think of there is an app for it seems.  Some of them are really handy – like banking and weather apps – and some are just fun.