28 Nov 2014

Ministry of Awesome and Weta wow factor

Richard Taylor
Who wouldn’t want to be part of the Ministry of Awesome?  And what does it take to motivate people to work without a day off for 7 months straight? 
During the week I was lucky enough to hear Sir Richard Taylor, of Weta Workshop, and Sam Johnson, from the Student Army, talk.  Very different people but it struck me they had two things in common; humble leadership and no fear of failure.  These two attributes have enabled them each to achieve amazing feats.

21 Nov 2014

Will Christmas come early?

It’s that time of year when we adults start counting the days until Christmas thinking about how much we still want to get done.  And children start counting the days in eager anticipation of holidays and festivities (which they hope will include some presents).  Earlier this week on my way into the office I was stopped by the sight of a man in a red suit up on the roof of a house, close to the chimney!  But it wasn’t an early Christmas (and I hadn’t miscounted the days left) – but a roofer with a good sense of humour!

14 Nov 2014

Building the Regen team

Here at Regen we are a team who are passionate about creating intuitive easy-to-use decision support tools for farmers. We come from a diversity of places and backgrounds. This week we introduce another member of our team, Amita Paranjpe, who joined us as computer software developer two months ago.

7 Nov 2014

How great is Southland?

Nearly 20 years ago young man called Wayne, along with his family, made the long trek from Waikato down to Southland. His goal was to get a bigger share-milking job to build enough equity so he could return to the Waikato and buy his own 300 cow farm. Fast forward those 20 years and Wayne Carpenter now owns several farms in Southland and is milking 2,000 cows. And according to Wayne, it’s “Not a bad place to live.”