27 Mar 2015

South Island field days

This week Regen was at the South Island field days and we thought we'd share a couple of photos of what we saw while we were there!

20 Mar 2015

Is Urea at risk of becoming the” sugar” of grass nutrition?

Remember the days when it would have seemed ludicrous to hear sugar described as poison?  Yet now we understand that sugar’s use has become so endemic that it is in fact detrimentally affecting the health of many.  It isn’t a poison – in fact it is very nice to consume – but it has been used so extensively that many of us are consuming way too much of it.  And this happened before we realised it.  When did we need sugar to be in pizza? 

13 Mar 2015

The autumn N fertiliser dilemma

The mornings and evenings are starting to get a bit cooler and have that autumnal feeling about them. Much needed rain has started to arrive in some places while other parts of the country are still very dry. How much moisture is needed on your farm before using nitrogen to boost autumn pasture growth makes economic sense?

6 Mar 2015

Introducing Brett Saunders - Regen's new Sales Channel Manager

We are pleased to welcome Brett Saunders to the Regen team as the Sales Channel Manager. This week on the blog Brett tells us a bit about his background and what he is looking forward to in his role.