24 Apr 2015

The dark art of a soil water balance

Luckily understanding changes in soil moisture isn’t as difficult as this balancing act!  But it is all about balance.  A soil water balance (SWB) is a method of tracking how much water is in the soil available for plant growth.  If you know what the current soil water balance is for your farm, then you know if this is adequate – or limiting – for pasture growth.

17 Apr 2015

A chandelier made of cups?

2015 Southland/ Otago
Sharemilker/ Equity Farmer of the Year,
Jono & Kelly Bavin
What does a chandelier made of milking machine cups and a massive thunder storm have in common?  They both happened to be features at the Otago Southland Dairy Industry awards regional finals night in Gore a couple of weeks ago.