28 Aug 2015

The new buzz words – GMP & MGM

You will be getting to grips with what GMP – good management practice – has been described as.  And how doing GMP is part of the MGM – matrix of good management.  For a very few star performers none of this will be new, but for lots of farmers there will be parts of doing GMP that will require some changed ways of doing common farm activities.

21 Aug 2015

A Regen original

Hodderville Farms is ID number 2 in the Regen list – the second after Massey University to start using Regen.  It has just past its 6 year anniversary as a Regen customer.  That’s over 2000 texts we have sent to farm manager David Schroeder!  

14 Aug 2015

Baking bread and growing grass

Ever tried to make bread?  To end up with a golden crust and chewy not doughy insides takes some skill.  But it also takes the right amount of the key ingredients – fresh yeast, warm temperature, sugar and good quality flour.  Believe it or not, it is the same principles needed to get a good response from nitrogen.  The right amounts of the key ingredients – for nitrogen this is soil moisture and soil temperature.