25 Sep 2015

The Zig-Zag method for predicting soil temperature?

Even though Warren Buffet is renowned for making clever picks of businesses to invest in, no-one assumes that he does this all on the basis of some occasional market insight, read in a local newspaper. He probably has some very sophisticated models that are constantly crunching through terabytes of relevant data.  The output of the models is not only a record of what has happened but most importantly some powerful insight into what is likely to happen. 

11 Sep 2015

Who has time for technology?

Fact or Fiction? 

Moley Robotics has developed a robotic chef that can cook thousands of meals by following the movements of a Michelin starred chef.


(if you want to see it in action have a look at this link: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/robotic-chef-can-cook-michelin-star-food-your-kitchen-by-mimicking-worlds-best-cooks-1496168 )